What is Google Play Protect and How to Use It: The Ultimate Guide

Google Play Protect is the latest tool introduced by Google that aims to up the security of Android devices.

The great thing about the Android system is the numerous customization options and an overall independent experience contrary to the iOS. However, this also means that Android devices are more vulnerable to malicious viruses and hacking. Fortunately, Google understands this and is constantly trying to provide Android users with the best security system.

What is Google Play Protect?

What is Google Play Protect and How to Use it

Google Play Protect is an entire package – it features app-scanning, Anti-theft measures, and browser protection. Currently, the new tool is being rolled out for all Android devices that have the latest, updated version of Google Play Services (version 11).

Steps To Use Google Play Protect to Secure your Android Smartphones


One of the automatic security features of Google Play Protect is the app-scanning feature which is always running in the backend and does not require any manual input. Google claims that it currently scans over 50 million applications on the Play Store daily to provide the ultimate protection to its users.

You can check whether an application has been verified by this tool by searching it on the Play Store. When you install an app, you’ll receive a pop-up message if the application is verified or not. The company will introduce verified badges to the applications soon as well which will allow users to find out if the application is verified or not without having to install it first.

Google Play Protect App Scanning Automatically


Alternatively, if you want to check the status of your app-scanning by Google Play Protect or tweak the settings, you can check them manually. Simply go to the Settings > Google > Security > Google Play Protect and make sure the service is enabled. A list of installed apps and whether these apps are scanned or not will be displayed here.


Google Play Protect Anti Theft Protection

With the Google Play Protect, an unsafe website on Google Chrome will be detected. Users will be warned immediately and will be advised to direct ‘back to safety.’ Although this is not a new security feature and has been around for a long time, it’s still useful for a worry-free browsing experience on your Smartphone.

Anti-Theft Measures

If you’ve misplaced your phone or if it has fallen into the wrong hands, there’s an easy way to locate it and secure your phone. The ‘Android Device Manager’ has now been replaced by Google with ‘Find My Device/Phone’ which will essentially detect your smartphone easily.

Google Play Protect Find my Phone

Simply locate your phone with your Google account (make sure you have signed in on your phone at all times) from another device. You can call it directly from your browser, or you can lock the screen remotely and display a message. If you still cannot find your phone or have no hope of retrieving it back, you can erase all of your data as well.

Google Play Protect Takes Android Security a Step Further

We’ve had many security tools in the past before, but we can never have our devices effectively protected anyway. Although with Google Play Protect, there isn’t a solid confirmation that you’ll have your Android device completely secured, but it will take the security one step further.