What is Google Carrier Services? Should I Update or Install it?

Knock Knock!! Being notified and puzzled? Yes, Android phones are jamming with the update to “Google Carrier Services,” leaving the whole bunch of people confused and mystified. What Google Carrier Services really is? This question and the related guess works are getting viral on the internet. It has been speculated that our Android Smartphones and other devices may have yet another preinstalled App shortly named, Google Carrier Services.

What is Google Carrier Services?

What Google Carrier Services App does is not entirely clear, and the description on the Play Store is also quite vague. However, according to the app description, it states that this app:

“Helps carriers provide mobile services using the latest networking capabilities and that it includes the support for the enhanced features in the Android Messages App.”

Google Carrier Services

Well, the Android Messages is the Google’s Messaging Application that supports Rich Communication Services (RCS). And RCS mainly allows sending modern-day SMS and MMS to the people that signify better group chats, high-resolution photos, etc. So, considering the description of the app, I think it is safe to assume that Google is all set to launch the App that brings RCS to our homes which let the App like Android Messages to improve and perform in a better way. However, it is just a wild guess, never mind until RCS starts rolling.

Should I Update or Install Google Carrier Services?

Google Carrier Services Changelog and What it does

The Google Carrier Service app is available on the Google Play Store to be downloaded and installed. However, up till now, it only contains a dummy service that means it doesn’t do anything and we have to wait until it gets updates from the Google that will unveil the enigmatic features of this new Google App that will eventually be able to play a role in the people’s devices somehow.

Google Carrier Services (Play Store)