How to Reinstall Google Play Services on Any Android Smartphone

With an application like Google Play Services that is so deeply connected with the Android OS itself, it’s only natural to get some errors occasionally. Especially if you’ve tried updating to the wrong latest version of the app that your phone doesn’t support, you might get a whole set of error messages. While sometimes the issues can be resolved by simple measures, most of the times you’ll have to reinstall Google Play Services to have the application function normally again.

This guide on How to Reinstall Google Play Services on Any Android Smartphone will help you get your application up and running smoothly again.

How to Reinstall Google Play Services on Any Android Smartphone

Common Error Messages in Google Play Services

For those unaware, Google Play Services isn’t an application that does nothing. Sure, you can’t physically open it and use it; Google Play Services app connected to Android system itself has an even superior purpose. What Google Play Services does is keep your built-in Google apps up-to-date and functioning. That includes everything from Maps to the Play Store, and we all know how important those applications are for the best Android smartphone experience.

Here are some errors users have reported to have seen regarding the Google Play services application:

Error Message: Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped

Google Play Services Error

One of the most common errors related to the app is this one, and it usually occurs if your version of the Google Play Services is outdated or isn’t compatible with your current Android device. The solution for this problem can vary. Sometimes it is resolved by simply rebooting the device, clearing the cache, or even simply changing to a different internet connection. Other times, though, you’ll need to reinstall Google Play Services.

Error Message: Update for “Google Play Services” could not be downloaded due to an error. (495)

If you’ve recently updated to the wrong version of the app, it’s likely you’ll get this message. Sometimes you may have updated to the correct version, but an internal bug might be bringing this error up. One method to solve this is to reinstall Google Play Services, but before doing that, you can also try to clear the cache in both the Google Play Services app and the Google Play Services Framework (which can be found in the ‘All’ tab under the Application manager). Rebooting your device and resetting your Google account might also help.

Error Message: This app won’t run unless you update Google Play services

You might be prompted with this message if your phone is running a very old version of the application which is no longer compatible with your phone. Since you can’t manually update Google Play Services, the only way to successfully get rid of this problem is by reinstalling the application with the correct APK file.

Error Message: Error DF-BPA-09 Error Processing Purchase

If you have the wrong version of the app installed on your Android device, you might get this message when you try to download an application from the Google Play Store. To fix it, you can either clean the cache in the Google Play Service Framework, or you could reinstall Google Play Services itself.

Error Message: Error retrieving information from server, Error authentication required

For both these common Google Play errors, you need to reset your Google Account information first before resorting to reinstalling Google Play Services. Most of the time simple cache cleaning and resetting the Google Account can solve these issues.

Error Message: This app won’t run without Google Play Services which are missing from your phone

This app won't run without Google Play Services

Finally, if you have a rooted Android device and you happen to uninstall Google Play Services, you may get this message when you try to access Google apps such as Youtube, Google Maps, Google Play Music, etc. The only solution is to reinstall Google Play Services for your Android smartphone because after all, it’s a seriously important service.

Reinstall Google Play Services App

Although you can’t completely uninstall Google Play Services since it’s a system application, you can limit it by disabling it. You can also completely get rid of the app if your Android device is rooted. To reinstall Google Play Service to the correct version supported by your phone, here are some steps you need to follow:

Go to your Settings > Security > Device administrators and deactivate Android Device Manager. Then go back to Google Play Services in the Application Manager. Disable it and uninstall it; this will prompt an immediate message from the system when you try to open an app by Google that you need to install Google Play services to run it.

Download and install the correct Google Play Service APK version for your smartphone. Make sure to activate the Device Manager after reinstalling. Finally, reboot your device to complete the reinstallation process.

These Google Play Services APK download links will help you to reinstall Google Play Services on your smartphone:

Google Play Services 11.7.46 APK for KitKat (Android 4.0+)

Minimum VersionArchitecturedpiDownload Links
Android 4.0+armnodpiDownload
Android 4.0+arm160dpiDownload
Android 4.0+arm240dpiDownload
Android 4.0+arm320dpiDownload
Android 4.0+arm480dpiDownload
Android 4.0+x86nodpiDownload

Google Play Services 11.7.46 APK for Lollipop (Android 5.0+)

Minimum VersionArchitecturedpiDownload Links
Android 5.0+armnodpiDownload
Android 5.0+arm240dpiDownload
Android 5.0+arm320dpiDownload
Android 5.0+arm480dpiDownload
Android 5.0+arm64 + armnodpiDownload
Android 5.0+arm64 + arm320dpiDownload
Android 5.0+arm64 + arm480dpiDownload
Android 5.0+x86nodpiDownload
Android 5.0+x86 + x86_64nodpiDownload

Google Play Services 11.7.46 APK for Marshmallow and Nougat (Android 6.0+)

Minimum VersionArchitecturedpiDownload Links
Android 6.0+armnodpiDownload
Android 6.0+arm240dpiDownload
Android 6.0+arm320dpiDownload
Android 6.0+arm480dpiDownload
Android 6.0+arm64 + armnodpiDownload
Android 6.0+arm64 + arm320dpiDownload
Android 6.0+arm64 + arm480dpiDownload
Android 6.0+x86nodpiDownload
Android 6.0+x86 + x86_64nodpiDownload

Google Play Services 11.7.46 APK for Oreo (Android 8.0+)

Minimum VersionArchitecturedpiDownload Links
Android 8.0+armnodpiDownload
Android 8.0+arm240dpiDownload
Android 8.0+arm320dpiDownload
Android 8.0+arm480dpiDownload
Android 8.0+arm64 + armnodpiDownload
Android 8.0+arm64 + arm320dpiDownload
Android 8.0+arm64 + arm480dpiDownload