Download Google Play Services Beta 11.9.51 APK New Version

Google Play Services Beta just got better. Here is the new Google Play Services Beta update to 11.9.51 version which brings some improvements and performance optimization. Is your device got the Google Play Service app latest version installed? If not, then from here you can download Google Play Services Beta 11.9.51 APK new version for free.

Why Google Play Services Beta?

Download Google Play Services Beta 11.9.51 APK New Version

The Google Play Services Beta is an early access to new features. So, the users who always ready to try out new things can install Google Play Services Beta version and check out various improvements. Besides, it can have some minor bugs which you can ignore as you are tester of this newly released version. So, below are some major improvements areas which you can see in this Google Play Services Beta 11.9,51 version.

  • Provides new functionality to existing apps.
  • Comes with new Google Assistant updates
  • Ease authentication to various Google Services and Apps.
  • Provides better security with Google Play Protect app & virus database
  • Updated in-app services and easy payment methods.
  • Improved Maps location services, searches and overall experience of apps.

Finally, you can update to the latest version of Google Play Services by downloading its APK from below link. Well, you can also get Google Play Service update directly from Google Play Store. But sometimes, the users are facing error while updating due to many reasons. So, to help you out here we have provided a direct link to download Google Play Services 11.9.51 Beta APK. Make sure that you download correct APK depending on your device system architecture. In case, if you are not aware of, then download this Droid Hardware info app from the Google Play Store and get complete information about your device.

Once you have downloaded the APK from below link, you can manually install it. Go through this article to know the steps to update Google Play Services Manually (Nougat / Marshmallow / Lollipop / KitKat).

Download Google Play Services Beta 11.9.51 APK New Version

Below are the direct links to download Google Play Services Beta 11.9.51 APK. So, you have just to click on the link and wait for a few seconds to download it automatically. If you are facing any error while downloading or you may find that link is dead, then please let us know in the comments.

Google Play Services Beta 11.9.51 APK for KitKat (Android 4.0+)

Minimum VersionArchitecturedpiDownload Links
Android 4.0+armnodpiDownload
Android 4.0+arm160dpiDownload
Android 4.0+arm240dpiDownload
Android 4.0+arm320dpiDownload
Android 4.0+arm480dpiDownload
Android 4.0+x86nodpiDownload

Google Play Services Beta 11.9.51 APK for Lollipop (Android 5.0+)

Minimum VersionArchitecturedpiDownload Links
Android 5.0+armnodpiDownload
Android 5.0+arm240dpiDownload
Android 5.0+arm320dpiDownload
Android 5.0+arm480dpiDownload
Android 5.0+arm64 + armnodpiDownload
Android 5.0+arm64 + arm320dpiDownload
Android 5.0+arm64 + arm480dpiDownload
Android 5.0+x86nodpiDownload
Android 5.0+x86 + x86_64nodpiDownload

Google Play Services Beta 11.9.51 APK for Marshmallow and Nougat (Android 6.0+)

Minimum VersionArchitecturedpiDownload Links
Android 6.0+armnodpiDownload
Android 6.0+arm240dpiDownload
Android 6.0+arm320dpiDownload
Android 6.0+arm480dpiDownload
Android 6.0+arm64 + armnodpiDownload
Android 6.0+arm64 + arm320dpiDownload
Android 6.0+arm64 + arm480dpiDownload
Android 6.0+x86nodpiDownload
Android 6.0+x86 + x86_64nodpiDownload

Google Play Services Beta 11.9.51 Beta APK for Oreo Android 8.0+

Minimum VersionArchitecturedpiDownload Links
Android 8.0+armnodpiDownload
Android 8.0+arm240dpiDownload
Android 8.0+arm320dpiDownload
Android 8.0+arm480dpiDownload
Android 8.0+arm64 + armnodpiDownload
Android 8.0+arm64 + arm320dpiDownload
Android 8.0+arm64 + arm480dpiDownload