Google Assistant APK for Marshmallow: How to Install, Update & Activate

Google Assistant’ – Google’s spectacular personal virtual assistant, has been integrated as a core service for all the Google Pixel devices which has been performing remarkably and gaining massive appreciation in the Android community since its launch in May 2016. Later on, Google rolled out its Google Assistant APK for Marshmallow and Nougat. Since then we have seen Google Assistant making its way to the various handsets like OnePlus 3T, LG G6 and more.

So, does your phone runs on Marshmallow? Are you craving to get a Google Assistant for your Smartphone? Well, here we are with some simple guidelines which are surely going to help you if you are looking for how to install, update and activate Google Assistant APK for Marshmallow.

Google Assistant APK for Marshmallow

Before probing deep into the installation and activation procedures, let’s have a look at the astounding features of ‘Google Assistant’.

Google Assistant Functions and Features:

  • Voice command unlocks the screen of your smart device
  • Open apps with your voice
  • Suggests hang out and vacation spots
  • Smart Home Controls
  • Set reminders
  • Inquire flight schedules
  • Get weather forecast
  • Google Assistant now allows you to take screenshots
  • Let you type a question
  • You can make phone calls with Google Home
  • Open Application Program Interface for developers
  • Offers you to get scores, news alerts, directions, motivational quotes and much more.

How to Install, Update and Activate Google Assistant APK for Marshmallow

Getting Google Assistant installed on your device running Marshmallow is pretty simple. The very first thing you require is to update your smartphone’s Google Play service. If you still haven’t received an update, then you need to get the Google Play Service APK version and install it.

For installing the updates of Google Assistant APK to your device you mainly require:

Step 1: Your Android Smartphone that runs on ‘Android 6.0 Marshmallow or above‘.

Step 2: ‘Google Play Service APK version 10.2.98 or higher‘. If you are running an old version of Google Play Services app, then you must download the Play Service APK from below and install it.

Step 3: Further, make sure you are running ‘OK Google App Latest version’. If not updated then just go to Google Play Store and update it or you can download it from below.

Step 4: Once you have download and installed / updated the necessary apps, let’s move on ‘how to activate Google Assistant’.

Step 5: Now you need to change your device’s language to ‘English (US)‘. In case, if your device is using another language then you can change it via below way:

  • To do so, navigate to ‘Settings > Language & Input > Change it to English (US)‘.

Step 6: Finally, if all the things are set as mentioned in above steps. You can activate Google Assistant via holding the Home Button of your handset. A message will appear at the bottom, asking you to get started with the ‘Google Assistant.’

So, what are you waiting for? Get your Google Assistant APK for Marshmallow installed immediately and enjoy its truly amazing features.

Download OK Google App for Marshmallow

Minimum VersionArchitecturedpiDownload Links
Android 6.0+armnodpiDownload
Android 6.0+arm240dpiDownload
Android 6.0+arm320dpiDownload
Android 6.0+arm64nodpiDownload
Android 6.0+x86nodpiDownload

Download Google Assistant APK for Marshmallow Android 6.0+

Minimum VersionArchitecturedpiDownload Links
Android 6.0+armnodpiDownload
Android 6.0+arm240dpiDownload
Android 6.0+arm320dpiDownload
Android 6.0+arm480dpiDownload
Android 6.0+arm64 + armnodpiDownload
Android 6.0+arm64 + arm320dpiDownload
Android 6.0+arm64 + arm480dpiDownload
Android 6.0+x86nodpiDownload
Android 6.0+x86 + x86_64nodpiDownload