Download the Latest Version of Nova Google Companion APK

For a while, the most popular third-party launcher, Nova, lacked one of the most useful tools in the Android OS – Google Now. However, times are changing, and the Google Now API has finally been incorporated into our favorite launcher. The process of using the service is tricky though, and the first and foremost thing you need to get Google Now in your Nova Launcher is to Download the Latest Nova Google Companion APK.

How Does Nova Google Now Work?

Download the Latest Version of Nova Google Companion APK

Google Now allows users to showcase their personalized cards and their favorite updates by a simple swipe of the home screen. The Google Now API was previously only available on Google’s own launcher and was not accessible on a third-party launcher. This meant Nova Google Now was something that we could only long for. Or so we thought.

Less than a month ago, the company relaxed its policies towards which applications could use the Google Now API. The service was now available to use for third-party applications that were debuggable. Unfortunately for Nova Launcher (a non-debuggable app), the Google Now API could not be utilized on the launcher directly.

But there’s good news! Nova faced this challenge by creating a new debuggable application called the ‘Nova Google Companion.’ With the app, users using Nova Launcher can enjoy Google now on their phones.

Hold up – there’s more. Nova Google Companion application is not available to download from the Play Store. Google Play Store does not allow debuggable applications because of the occasional glitches and poor optimization of such apps; therefore, the only way to get Nova Google Companion (and hence Nova Google Now) is through the Nova Google Companion APK.

With this new app, users can have the Google Now API integrated into their Nova Launchers. With a simple swipe to the right of the home screen, personalized Google cards can be displayed.

Download the Latest Version of Nova Google Companion APK

The phone requirements to download and install Nova Google Companion APK are straightforward: the application does not need rooting or the paid version, Nova Launcher Prime, to work on. Nova Google Companion can run on any smartphone that runs Android 5.0 Lollipop and higher.

So what are you waiting for?

Download the latest version of Nova Google Companion APK here now!