Download Google Play Protect APK Update Latest Version

Google just began rolling out its latest security tool for Android users – Google Play Protect. With this service, users can have a much safer smartphone experience than ever before. If you haven’t received Google Play Protect on your device yet, you don’t have to wait anymore. With the Google Play Protect APK, you can easily download and install Google’s new security tool and secure your smartphone today.

What Does Google Play Protect Do?

Although security tools have been popular for a long time and the prospect of it isn’t anything but Google Play Protect is more than just a stand-alone application. In fact, it is designed to act as a complete package with features that will protect your phone from harmful applications, unsafe internet browsing and theft.

Download Google Play Protect APK Update Latest Version

Google Play Protect Features:

The app-scanning ability of Google Play Protect is automatic and over 50 million applications are scanned every day with a verification badge being provided to those that are virus-free. However, do keep in mind that the applications scanned by Google Play Protect are those that are available directly on the Google Play Store itself and does not account for any app installation from a third-party host.

Google has also taken appropriate measures to protect our smartphones if in case it is misplaced or stolen. With the new ‘Find My Device’ option, users can remotely lock their screens through their Google Account, and they can also give the phone a call to locate it.

Google Play Protect Features

Download Google Play Protect APK Update Latest Version

Android users with the latest version of Google Play Services (version 11) are receiving automatic updates that will include the new Google Play Protect security suite. However, the update will take a while to reach and if you’re not one to wait, just use the Google Play Protect APK and secure your phone immediately.

To use the Google Play Protect app service, you need to download and install the latest version of Google Play Services through the Google Play Services APK. So, below are the appropriate links to download Google Play Services APK which will automatically install Google Play Protect APK on your Android Smartphone. To know how to install or update Google Play Services, check out this guide.

Download Google Play Services 11 APK Latest Version

Below you will get the direct links to download Google Play Services APK for Android. You will find different links based on device architecture. So, make sure that you download proper Google Play Services APK depending on your device system architecture. In case, if you are not aware of, then download this Droid Hardware info app from the Google Play Store and get complete information about your device.

Here are the direct links to get Google Play Services APK 11.3.02. So, you have just to click on the link and wait for a few seconds to download it automatically. If you are facing any error while downloading or you may find that link is dead, then please let us know in the comments.

Google Play Services 11.5.05 Beta APK for KitKat (Android 4.0+)

Minimum VersionArchitecturedpiDownload Links
(new*)Android 4.0+armnodpiDownload
(new*)Android 4.0+arm160dpiDownload
(new*)Android 4.0+arm240dpiDownload
(new*)Android 4.0+arm320dpiDownload
(new*)Android 4.0+arm480dpiDownload
(new*)Android 4.0+x86nodpiDownload

Google Play Services 11.5.05 Beta APK for Lollipop (Android 5.0+)

Minimum VersionArchitecturedpiDownload Links
(new*)Android 5.0+armnodpiDownload
(new*)Android 5.0+arm240dpiDownload
(new*)Android 5.0+arm320dpiDownload
(new*)Android 5.0+arm480dpiDownload
(new*)Android 5.0+arm64 + armnodpiDownload
(new*)Android 5.0+arm64 + arm320dpiDownload
(new*)Android 5.0+arm64 + arm480dpiDownload
(new*)Android 5.0+x86nodpiDownload
(new*)Android 5.0+x86 + x86_64nodpiDownload

Google Play Services 11.5.05 Beta APK for Marshmallow and Nougat (Android 6.0+)

Minimum VersionArchitecturedpiDownload Links
(new*)Android 6.0+armnodpiDownload
(new*)Android 6.0+arm240dpiDownload
(new*)Android 6.0+arm320dpiDownload
(new*)Android 6.0+arm480dpiDownload
(new*)Android 6.0+arm64 + armnodpiDownload
(new*)Android 6.0+arm64 + arm320dpiDownload
(new*)Android 6.0+arm64 + arm480dpiDownload
(new*)Android 6.0+x86nodpiDownload
(new*)Android 6.0+x86 + x86_64nodpiDownload